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Sublime Yachting Holidays in Thailand

Receive the warmest of welcomes from the Land of Smiles where a Buddhist influence has resulted in a kingdom of people who approach the world with happiness, tolerance and respect.

The waters of the Andaman Sea are a glorious green, and the islands rise magnificently like giant limestone karsts. The region has an almost mythical quality to it, with scores of secret beaches hidden by overgrown jungles, full of life.

Find resplendent beaches, glittering temples, exquisite cuisine, luxurious spas, uninhabited islands and raucous nightlife on a yacht charter in Thailand, a south-eastern paradise.

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Essential information

  • Currency: Thai Baht
  • Language: Thai, English is widely spoken
  • Pilot Guide: Andaman Sea Pilot
  • Normal Starting day: No restrictions, any day start/ finish
  • When to visit: Year Round sailing, high season December – April
  • Fly to: Phuket International Airport
  • Tipping Etiquette: Tipping is not expected but a 20 baht gesture is always appreciated.
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Begin your Thailand yacht charter from the beautiful paradise that is Phuket. “The Pearl of the Andaman” is Thailand’s largest island and, though it may be a little scarred from insensitive development and package-tour traffic, Phuket still has it all. Pretty beaches, coral reefs, excellent facilities and a soulful old town make Phuket the ideal base for a luxury sailing holiday.

However, the magic truly begins when you leave the marina. Thai culture has survived in the islands almost unchanged for centuries, and a yacht charter holiday gives you the chance to experience this away from the thousands of tourists on Phuket. Majestic limestone pinnacles jut from the emerald Andaman sea in Phang Nga Bay where Koh Hong secrets its stunning interior. Take kayaks and wend your way through low hanging caves and passageways to find yourselves in a crystal clear lagoon.

Follow in Roger Moore’s footsteps on James Bond Island where The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed, amble round the fascinating stilted sea-gypsy village at Koh Panyee and relax on the spectacular white sand beaches of Koh Phi Phi home to “The Beach” in the 1999 Leonardo DiCaprio film. Swim, snorkel and dive coral reefs teeming with aquatic life, lose yourself in the sway of Phi Phi’s pulsing bars and recover the next morning with a massage on the beach.

The weather is generally sunny and dry with calm seas, making Phuket the ideal destination to explore by boat - whether you’re hoping to sit back and relax with a crewed yacht charter or take the reins with a bareboat charter.The dry monsoon from November to April brings stable and consistent north easterly winds while the wet monsoon from May to October brings the odd tropical shower and stronger winds for more exhilarating sailing.

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