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The British Virgin Islands are a wonderful place to explore on a yacht charter holiday. Blessed by consistent trade winds and year-round warm weather, they are truly a sailing paradise. Throw in the line-of-sight navigation and legendary rum cocktails, and you can see why a BVI charter is one of our favourite holidays.

This laid-back Caribbean idyll is the perfect setting for a relaxing yacht charter, with lazy days spent sailing between islands balanced by long evenings sipping painkillers as the sun slowly sets over Norman Island.

Beef Island and Tortola are great places to start a catamaran or sailing yacht charter, with easy trips over to Norman Island, Peter Island, Anegada, Scrub Island and Cooper Island

Embrace island time and you'll have the time of your life!

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Best of the BVI

  • Dive the wreck of the HMS Rhone
  • Dine at Hog Heaven, Leverick Bay
  • Visit Anegada Beach Club
  • Explore the Baths at Virgin Gorda
  • Snorkel at Mountain Point
  • Sip a painkiller at Soggy Dollar

Best of the BVI

Wreck of the RMS Rhone HELM

Dive the wreck of the RMS Rhone

An absolutely sensational wreck to dive, the RMS Rhone was a British Royal Mail ship that was caught in a violent and unusually late season hurricane on 29 October 1867 and wrecked off the coast of Salt Island. The ship was thrown about by the storm, and her boilers exploded, splitting the ship into two sections, bow and stern. 25 people survived, while the remaining 123 on board died.

The bow section remains remarkably intact, and is an exceptional swim-through wreck, her coral-encrusted surfaces teeming with marine life. If you look carefully, you can find the captain’s teaspoon lodged among the coral, and spot the ‘lucky porthole’, rubbed shiny by hundreds of divers.

If you are a diver, there are some fascinating new sites being created, with several bits of hurricane debris being repurposed as dive spots. As well as the BVI Art Reef (an old WW2 wreck with a giant Kraken on it), the famous original Willy Ts bar boat has been turned into an underwater pirate ship, while three light aircraft have been turned into a hammerhead, bull and blacktip reef shark and sunk.

Dine at Hog Heaven, Leverick Bay

Drop anchor in the nearby Leverick Bay, take the dinghy ashore and hike up to the famous Hog Heaven bar and grill. Order a refreshing beverage and settle in for delicious BBQ food and spectacular sunset views.

Sitting high above Virgin Gorda, the bar gives you a complete view over all of North Sound, from Leverick Bay to Necker Island. Oh, and the tamarind sauce is incredible!

Visit Anegada Beach Club

Sail north in 13nm of open blue water to the fantastic low-lying coral atoll of Anegada. This unique island is home to very few people, but an abundance of wildlife, from tropical fish to the rare ground iguana.

Visit the island’s flamboyance of flamingos at Salt Pond, then go to Anegada beach club and try the Conch burger. It’s also worth getting some kitesurfing lessons, if you fancy a bit of an adrenaline rush!

Explore the Baths, Virgin Gorda

This famous collection of giant boulders (batholiths), pools, grottos and caves is a real geological wonder, formed by ancient volcanoes and gradual erosion. Nip in and out of the boulders and walk, crawl, swim and squeeze your way along the amazing path to Devil’s Bay.

The Baths are an exceptional National Park, set on a golden beach with impossibly fine sand. Once you’ve explored, it’s worth the short hike up to the Top of the Baths restaurant for a refreshment break with a great view.

Snorkel at Mountain Point

A rarity for the Caribbean, this is a snorkel site that is off the beaten track. The little-known Mountain Point site is very rewarding for divers of all levels, with great sea life and interesting reefs, caves and gulleys.

The clear blue waters and sheltered habitat make this a wonderful spot for seeing parrotfish, tarpons, barracuda, lobsters, stingrays, and more. Keep your eyes peeled for any lurking nurse sharks, too!

Sample a Soggy Dollar Painkiller

Savour your surroundings and some superb rum cocktails at the world-famous Soggy Dollar bar. This remote yet legendary BVI beach bar is so-called because the only way to access it is to take the plunge and swim ashore, getting your dollars soggy in the process.

A rum punch supposedly invented at the Soggy Dollar itself, the Painkiller is a heaven-sent blend of rich and dark Caribbean rum, coconut cream and beautifully fresh fruit juices, poured over ice and topped with grated nutmeg. A perfect sundowner after a long day of sailing.

We love the Soggy Dollar bar, because it’s on a really pretty beach, has a very cool atmosphere, and serves fantastic cocktails - the perfect place to just relax and chill out!

Bvi Cocktail Bar

What next?

Now you’ve heard our highlights of the wonderful British Virgin Islands, it’s time to gather your crew and plan your next Caribbean getaway!

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