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An enchanting archipelago seeded with aeons of history from the Greeks and Romans to the Ottomans and crusaders, the Dodecanese Islands are where historic, classical Greece still flourishes far away from the busy Greek mainland. Charter a yacht in the Dodecanese Islands, and you'll spend days sailing crystal clear waters between sumptuous Greek islands like Rhodes and Kos and the heavily indented coastline of Turkey. Pristine beaches clamber skyward to limestone cliffs, ancient monuments mark scenic outcrops, and an underwater world as vibrant as the land above shines with submerged caves, vivid marine life and ancient wrecks.

Sail to Rhodes, and its namesake old town enchants with a cobbled medieval enclave that calls back to the time of the Byzantine, while the rest of the island is lush with forested valleys, beaches, a thriving nightlife and charming towns like the acropolis-crowned Lindos. From Rhodes, a short sail to Symi shows a tamer side of the Dodecanese with a mountainous, barren landscape occasionally broken up by lush walking trails winding through oak and juniper forests and a stunning town set around a natural harbour coloured by a pretty collection of Italian-era mansions painted in a whimsical palette of pastels and terracottas. Opt for an overnight anchorage close to town or sail your yacht charter north to the petit volcanic island of Nissyros, where a striking collection of ruins and archaeological sites like the old Paleokastro fortress awaits.

Beach lovers should sail to Kos, often cited as the home of the best beaches in the Dodecanese, where the Aegean laps at sultry white sands, rustic rock beaches and shores adorned with old ruins left behind by ancient civilisations. Agios Stefanos is perhaps one of Kos's most striking beaches, with its toppled Corinthian columns, a mosaic floor of a ruined 5th-century temple, and an offshore islet home to a blue-roofed church. But Kos has inland charms too, like lively Kos Town with its medieval castle, a treasure trove of ancient ruins, and the stunning topography of the Dikeos Mountains.

Embark on a Dodecanese yacht charter to explore the timeless charms of ancient Greece in your own time, sailing alongside ruin-topped islands for serene anchorages with a view and into charming old town marinas for evenings in busy tavernas sipping Ouzo as the sun goes down.

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