HELM Sailing Holiday Offers So Much More


Why A Helm Sailing Holiday Offers So Much More...

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A HELM sailing holiday is not simply about sailing – it is about experiencing a destination in an entirely different way to a land-based trip. In a way that suits you.

That’s why we created our unique and easy-to use Experience Builder to allow us to hand pick the right destinations, yachts and activities for your group and you budget.

To guide you on your way, we thought it would be useful if we offered a few thoughts on the key decisions to be made.

1. Skippered or Bareboat

If you are a novice sailor, then skippered is the only way to go.

Experienced sailors will relish the freedom of bareboat sailing and either way, if you wish to be totally pampered, then a fully crewed yacht is for you.

Take a look at our blog on how to choose the right boat for you holiday for more info on our four different types.

2. Where shall I go?

This all depends on the time of year. Summer is high season for our European destinations – Croatia, Greece, Turkey, the Balearics and Italy.

You can comfortably sail from May to October, but just bear in mind the daylight hours will be shorter and it will get quite cool in the evening. So bring layers!

For winter breaks, opt for Thailand, the British Virgin Islands or the Caribbean, in particular from November to April - these destinations enjoy a tropical climate and temperatures vary little throughout the year.

See our blogs for advice on where to sail at every time of year:

3. What would you like to do on your trip?

It is worth spending some time deciding on how you would like to spend your chartered yacht holiday.

All our destinations have so much to offer, from snorkelling and diving to beautiful harbours and wonderful beaches. But it is also worth making time to explore inland.

Whether it be a hilltop villages, a local market, wonderful ancient ruins, or delicious local cuisine, ashore is where you discover the true heart of the country.

Helm tailor every charter and make route suggestions designed to fit around what you want from your holiday - put us to the test!

4. What features are important?

Yacht equipment, bedding and towels are all included but let us know if you have any specific requests – these can all be easily arranged. If you're going in the summer and want a yacht with air conditioning, we can arrange it, to keep you cool and happy.

If you're confused by jargon around the extras on a yacht charter, have a look at our comprehensive guide to transit logs, cleaning fees and optional extras.

You may find our FAQs section useful too.

Next Steps

We hope this brief guide has been helpful and inspired you to set sail on your holiday with HELM.

Please do feel free to contact us if you have any further questions at [email protected], or call us on +44 0207 632 7567.

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