Crewed Yacht Charter (What to Expect)


Nothing compares to the exquisite freedom of travelling by luxury yacht. Crewed yacht charters allow you to explore a lot more of a country than you would on land, with five-star service every step of the way.

You can island-hop your way to a different sensational destination every day, from the British Virgin Islands to the French Riviera, Balearic islands and even South Pacific. Experienced sailors may be able to skipper a yacht themselves, but the luxury of hiring a professional crew makes the trip all the more special.

There’s no doubt you’ll enjoy yourself, but if you’re not sure how it works, read on for everything you can expect from a crewed charter.

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What to Expect from a Crewed Yacht Charter

What’s the difference between bareboat, skippered and crewed yachts?

What’s the difference between bareboat charter, skippered yacht charter and crewed yacht charter?

As mentioned above, a bareboat yacht is one that you skipper yourself, although you will need sailing experience and a licence. A skippered yacht comes with a professional captain who will take care of all the sailing and the boat for you, but no cooking or hostess duties.

For the ultimate holiday, you can hire a crewed yacht, which usually comes with a small crew of skipper, chef and hostess/deckhand.

If the yacht has space you can even hire extra staff members such as a nanny, personal trainer or diving instructor.

What type of boat should I charter?

Your HELM charter broker will be able to help you pick the right option to create your dream yacht charter. Crewed yacht charters are available on a selection of vessels, from luxury motor yachts to smaller motor boat and beamy catamaran options with plenty of outdoor space.

A luxury motor yacht affords you the greatest space, alongside the ability to cover large distances with a larger group, and more crew support.

You can also charter a sailing boat over 50ft if you're after a sailing holiday with all the trimmings of a charter vacation.

How does it work?

Each crew member will be there to cater to your every need but will always be professional and respect your privacy. They can give you as much or as little space as you wish, and staff quarters are separate from the guest bedrooms and living spaces.

The crew will take care of sailing, maintenance, cooking and cleaning. The shopping is usually done before you set off - simply fill out the preferences form, and the crew will stock the yacht with any food or drinks you would like on board.

All charter guest food and drink costs are covered by the Advanced Provisioning Allowance, or APA, a fee payable alongside your final charter balance. Any amount left in this 'kitty' at the end of your luxury charter will be returned to you.

Charter yacht chefs can provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, or just an evening meal if you want to explore on land during the day and sample the local food.

Advantages of a crewed yacht


Luxury crewed yachts are always a fabulous place to spend a vacation, whether mega yacht, motor yacht or sailing yacht.

It doesn’t get more luxurious than relaxing on your own private yacht charter with a dedicated crew making sure everything is just right.

From chef cooked meals to champagne on ice, the crew can arrange almost anything you need.

Guests can enjoy water sports, excursions and pristine beaches in the daytime, followed by a sumptuous tasting menu and a go in the hot tub before you turn in to your opulent master cabin for the night

Perfect for a honeymoon or special trip away, chartered crew yachts have it all.

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Most people would list relaxation as the number one reason for going on holiday, and that’s taken to another level if you have a crew to help.

No cooking or washing up to worry about like in a self catered villa, and a chef to cook exactly what you like.

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Extra Activities

A luxury yacht charter can have space for all sorts of extras, depending on the size.

A crew member can assist you with watersports from jet skiing to snorkelling or water skiing, and they can be on hand to give you insider tips on the local area.

Most charter crews are experts in the area you will be navigating, so expect tons of insider knowledge about activities, local customs and the best hidden coves and pristine beaches that will be unknown to most tourists.


Get Started

Now you know the ins and outs of a luxury yacht charter, you can start planning your next trip, whether exploring the Indian Ocean by motor boat or island-hopping through the Greek islands on a luxury sailing yacht.

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