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Yacht charters offer escapism in a way that no other holiday can - you wake up every day with complete freedom, excited to see where your boat will take you next.

It’s a wonderful feeling, having a yachting holiday to finally be able to look forward to, especially after the last year.

The slight complication about international travel though, is that the planning doesn’t stop once you’ve booked your exciting yacht charter.

You still need to get from the airport to the marina, and figure out your food and drink options.

But don’t worry, we can help make your transfers and provisioning as smooth as possible – read on for more information, and speak to your broker if you have any questions.

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A seamless trip

Private airport transfer


Whether you’re flying in and heading straight to your yacht, or perhaps spending a few days in a beachfront villa before you set sail, you’ll need to get from the airport to the marina, which can be complicated in a country you’re not used to.

But fear not, your HELM broker will be happy to get arrange the on-the-ground logistics for you.

We can book a private taxi or minibus via the charter company, or put you in touch with our online partners such as Jam Transfers so you can book online quickly and easily.

Ask your broker for more information.


One of the great pleasures of an overseas yacht charter is enjoying fresh local cuisine, whether served up in a restaurant, painstakingly crafted by your chef or barbecued on the back of your yacht and paired with a crisp glass of something refreshing.

The food and drink onboard can make or break your yacht charter experience, so it’s important to get it right, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

When it comes to provisioning (the official term for stocking up on food and drink), broadly speaking, you have 3 options, outlined below.

Option 1

Shop on Arrival

This can be a good way to get to know the local produce, and easily kill some time if your flight is early.

Going to the supermarket yourself is a great way to get to know the local town and choose the food and drink that takes your fancy once you've arrived.

On the other hand, it can be quite hurried and stressful if you are on a later flight, or trying to shop on a Saturday afternoon along with hundreds of other charter guests!

Option 2

Order Online in Advance

Convenient, stress-free and simple, this is a very popular option with bareboat and skippered clients.

You simply choose what you want, buy it online and have it delivered to the yacht ready for your arrival, using innovative websites which offer a range of yacht-specific bits and bobs alongside the usual groceries.

Here are our recommended provisioning sites for Croatia and Greece:

Option 3

The APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance)

The industry standard for crewed yacht charters, the APA is a sum added on to your charter fee and paid in advance, from which all expenses for the trip are taken, including any food and drink for your charter, as well as fuel and other extras. See more on APA here.

The APA makes the entire charter experience as smooth as possible - you simply fill out a preference sheet with your favourite food and drinks, likes and dislikes, and any special requests, and the crew stocks the boat with everything you could want for your charter.

Anything left over in the 'kitty' at the end of your charter is reimbursed to you.

This is an easy, effective and flexible option that works well for crewed yachts where the chef needs to buy ingredients and set out menus in advance.

An APA can be particularly useful if your group have any special dietary requirements, or if you have any special requests, for example, if you would like a particular imported spirit or exotic fruit.

Plan your trip

So now you know the ins and outs of smooth transfers and seamless provisioning, it's time to contact your broker and set up your next well-deserved break.

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