Food and Drink during your charter


Food and Drink during your Charter

Fine food and wine are among the greatest pleasures of any holiday, and the joy of sailing is you can either cook on board or eat out in a different port every night if you want to.

Alternatively, why not make lunch at a chosen restaurant your destination for the day, followed by a relaxing afternoon on board your yacht.

At HELM, we offer sailing holidays to some of the world’s finest foodie hotspots; each with their own distinctive cuisine culture.

We would always recommend you try local specialities – if you are opting for a crewed holiday the chef will make good use of these, while if you are the nominated cook, you are guaranteed to find plenty to inspire you!

The Guide

Food and Drink

Stocking Up

There’s no need to bring the contents of your kitchen with you! Your boat will come fully-equipped galley with a gas cooker / oven, fridge and everything you will need on board, such as cutlery, glasses, plates and saucepans.

However, if you are self-catering, we advise you purchase some basic provisions at the port you will be setting sail from. Most ports are close to a supermarket aimed at customers just like you.

They will be able to supply you with everyday items such as tea, coffee, water, cereal, pasta, rice, oil and tinned items. Fresh food such as meat, fish and fruit & vegetables are best brought to eat on the day.

Unsurprisingly, fresh fish is in abundance at stopping point in all our destinations – often you will be able to buy it straight from the fishermen who caught it too!

Local markets are also great to explore and find local specialities, from delicious fresh fruit and vegetables in the Mediterranean to spices and wonderful spices in the Caribbean.

Eating On Board

How much budget should I allow for food shopping?

This all depends on the numbers you will be feeding, and how often you eat out or cook on board. Typically for a family of four on a seven day holiday, you should allow between £200-£600pp for food and drinks. This would include eating out too.

If you are a large party of friends who are all contributing individually, we would suggest budgeting for about £250-£550 each for food and drinks over a week long period.

These figures are based on Bareboat or Skippered charters, and are just a guideline.

On Crewed yachts, food and drinks are often included in the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA), a fee designed to cover all of your expenses on board. More about the APA here


Always make sure you have plenty of fresh water on board, and soft drinks. It is surprising how thirsty sailing or even relaxing on board in the sunshine can make you.

If you want something a bit stronger, look out for local wines or specialities such as Marsala in Sicily and of course, rum in the Caribbean.

A word of warning however. If you are bareboat sailing, never attempt to sail a boat if you have been drinking. Not only can you be prosecuted if you are found to be under the influence of alcohol when in charge of a vessel, but you are also putting your family and friends in danger.

One final tip when it comes to food and drink on a sailing holiday, don’t forget to dispose of your rubbish correctly. Never throw rubbish overboard and try to minimise the use of plastic and non-biodegradable products. Wrap up any rubbish carefully and use the bins provided at ports and harbours.

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