Five reasons to visit Sardinia


Sardinia is a blend of fascinating geography, culture and cuisine, with Imposing cliffs, pristine beaches, incredible architecture and sumptuous food.

The sailing conditions are glorious, with warm weather, consistent breeze, and spectacular anchorages.

You can relax on the opulent Costa Smerelda, filled with stylish bars, chic restaurants and pristine beaches, or revel in the island's rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Most yacht charters usually sail out of the north west tip of the island, from Cannigione or Portisco, both of which are easily accessible (under 30 minutes) from Olbia international airport.

Here are just five of the many reasons you should think about visiting Sardinia this year:

Why choose Sardinia?

1. The Beaches

Immaculate white sand and impossibly turquoise waters - Sardinia has some of the most outrageously gorgeous beaches you’ll ever see.

Want to experience Caribbean-esque beaches without the long-haul flight? Sardinia’s pristine beaches are truly some of the most stunning in the world and are probably its biggest draw. And there are literally thousands of paradise beaches to choose from.

Choose to take a serene hike to a more tranquil cove or spend some time on a sun lounger in a more populated beach.

2. La Maddelena National Park

This incredible archipelago is made up of seven principal islands, which were the highest points of an ancient, now sunken, valley that used to connect the islands of Sardinia and Corsica.

This phenomenally beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site is a treat to snorkel, and even features a pink beach! (on Isola Budelli)

Within the park, you will sail between secluded bays blessed with white sand and perfect snorkelling waters.

Sardinian saeda stuffed pasta

3. The Food

Sardinians, like all italians, love their food, and are very proud of their local produce and dishes.

The local cheese, in particular, is exquisite. The most famous Sardinian cheese is the beautifully creamy pecorino.

But thanks to the large sheep population (there are more sheep than people!), all the cheese here is unbelievably fresh and full of flavour.

Have we mentioned the saedas? These delicious little pasta parcels are stuffed with pecorino, then deep fried and drizzled with honey and lemon zest. A real treat that you won’t find anywhere other than Sardinia.

If you’re a foodie, you won’t be left wanting on your trip to Sardinia!

4. The Wine

If you’re a wine lover, head to Sardinia during the wine harvest season in early September. There are a number of lovely vineyards to explore all over the island, with a huge variety of wines. You can take an official tasting tour or make your way yourself!

We’re particularly fond of the Vigna Ledda, with great sea views less than 10 minutes from Cannigione.

The local wines pair incredibly well with the sweet, pungent pecorino or smoother Sardinian ricotta. Bellissima!

5. The Hikes

Sardinia has some of the best hiking trails in Europe.

Love a scenic hike with a beautiful beach view? Sardinia has plenty to offer, including its very own Grand Canyon with a number of trails to explore.

The Wild Blue Trail is also popular for the stunning scenery and tranquil environment.

Tavolara Sardinia sailing holiday


Whether you decide to get a crewed, skippered or bareboat Sardinia yacht charter, we’ll create a customised itinerary just for you.

All we need is a little more information on your likes and what you’re ideally looking to see and do.

So there you have it. Moderate winds, sensational views and glamourous towns are all at your mercy on a Sardinia yacht charter.

Check out our suggested itinerary for more information, enquire here to start building your dream escape, or browse available yachts in the region.

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