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Kornati Islands and National Parks Charter

A week in the Kornati Islands offers a new perspective on Croatia. Comprising 140 uninhabited islands, islets and reefs, the Kornatis are the largest archipelago in the Adriatic and the perfect location to enjoy a relaxing week.

Once densely forested, the islands are mainly barren, but no less beautiful for that. The area is now a unique national park where you will discover rugged cliffs, caves and grottos.

This route will enable you to fully appreciate the islands’ spectacular beauty close up. Setting off from Sibenik, you will only spend three nights in a port the rest you spend moored at sea.

Sibenik has an excellent selection of bareboat, skippered and crewed yachts available. Find your ideal yacht here.

Traveller’s tip:

As the Kornati Islands are a National Park, you will need to purchase a permit to visit the islands. We can advise on how to do this.

7 Day Kornati Islands and National Parks Charter

  • Day 1 – Sibenik to Zlarin
  • Day 2 – Sibenik to Ravni Zakan
  • Day 3 – Ravni Zakan to Telascica
  • Day 4 – Telascica to Zut
  • Day 5 – Zut to Murter
  • Day 6 – Murter to Vodice
  • Day 7 – Vodice to Skradin to Sibenik

7 Day Kornati Islands and National Parks Charter

Day 1

Sibenik to Zlarin

Fly to Split and take a taxi transfer to the port of Sibenik. The medieval city is an important access point for Krka National Park on the mainland and the Kornati Islands.

You will meet your yacht and embark at 5pm, so if you have some spare time earlier, take the chance explore its maze of old streets and squares.

Once on board, you will sail to the small island of Zlarin.

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Before you sail:

  • Check out City Hall, an elegant Renaissance building overlooking the Cathedral of St. James. Although flattened during a bomb raid in World War II, the building was meticulously rebuilt and houses a wonderful restaurant at street level.
  • Sibenik has always had a strategic position in the Adriatic Sea and has an impressive fortification system as a result. There are four fortresses in the city, St Nicholas, St John and St Michael and Fortress Subicabek, all built between the 15th and 17th centuries.
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Day 2

Sibenik to Ravni Zakan

Your destination will be the island of Ravni Zakan which lies off the south east tip of Kornat. Ashore there is a visitor centre for the Kornati National Park and a couple of restaurants. The island is otherwise uninhabited and you will moor overnight nearby at sea.

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Day 3

Ravni Zakan to Telascica

The day will be spent sailing leisurely through the Kornati Islands, stopping at Telascica, an 8km long bay studded with small islets. On the south side of the island facing the open sea are massive cliffs, over 166m high.

Things to do:

  • On the southern side of the bay you will come across a real gem – Mir Lake. The water is fed by the sea which seeps in through underground cracks. It’s a perfect place to swim, particularly as the water is always at least 6 degrees warmer than the surrounding sea.
  • Inland, you can take a hike through pine trees, olive groves and fig trees
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Day 4

Telascica to Zut

Zut is the second largest island in the Kornati archipelago. Numerous beautiful and secluded coves and bays can be found along its extensive coastline and the island is uninhabited although it has a marina which operates from March to October. You will stay here tonight and have a chance to stock up with supplies at one of the local grocery stores.

Traveller’s tip:

Interestingly, despite its beauty, Zut is not included in the Kornati National Park.

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Day 5

Zut to Murter

Although an island, Murter is connected to the mainland via a bridge. As a result, it is quickly becoming a popular destination with visitors and hosts several music festivals over the summer.

The island also has a plethora of gorgeous bays, including Slanica Bay with its shallow waters and fine sand bordered by pine and olive trees.

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Day 6

Murter to Vodice

The town has some fascinating historic sights to see.

Things to do:

  • In the 16th century the village was walled and one three-storey tower remains intact.
  • There are a number of interesting churches to visit, in particular the parish church which has a richly ornamented baroque façade and an impressive bell tower. West of the town centre is the small Church of the Holy Cross, built in 1662.

On your way to Vodice, you may stop off at Tribunj, also on the coastline. The old part of the town is located on an island which is connected to the mainland by a stone bridge. The town has an unusual history. It was founded by refugees from surrounding villages and has some fascinatng monuments, including the Church of St Nicholas, plus a Turkish fort.

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Day 7

Vodice to Skradin to Sibenik

Today you will have the opportunity to explore Krka National Park. Extending along the River Krka, the park is a magical place of waterfalls and gorges. The most famous is Skradinski Buk falls, a collection of 17 waterfalls and one of Croatia’s most famous sights.

Krka National Park lies about 10km inland and is home to a wide range of flora and fauna, with over 200 different bird species and 18 different species of bat! Once you've explored the national park, it's time to head back to Sibenik for your final evening.

Things to do:

  • Take a boat excursion to fully appreciate the beauty of the park close up and have the chance to stop off and wander along the waterside.
  • Look out for the tiny island of Visovac which has housed a Franciscan monastery since 1445.
  • Bring your swimming kit as there are plenty of swimming spots.

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