Top 5 Must-Sees in Corfu


The largest island in the Northern Ionian, and home to Greece’s first university, Corfu is so much more than just the setting of hit ITV show The Durrels. The perfect launchpad for adventures to Paxos, Antipaxos and south towards Lefkada, Meganisi, Kefalonia and the Inland Sea, Corfu is also incredibly beautiful in and of itself.

On arrival, take some time to wander through the alleyways of the pretty old town, a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site. There’s a number of narrow lanes, bursting with historic Venetian houses and bustling Greek cafes to explore. It's very easy to spend an afternoon simply sitting al fresco in one of these cafes, soaking in the Corfu culture and ambience.

Here are our 5 ‘must-see’ sights in the old town of Corfu:

Corfu: Top 5

Spianada Square

Spianada Square

This huge and lively square in Corfu town is also known to be the largest square in the whole of Greece! It’s where you’ll find many of the locals hanging out, as well as various monuments. It’s worth exploring during the day as well as the evening if you can.

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The Old Fortress

The Old Fortress is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions in Corfu town. Situated on the Acropolis, it was built by the Venetians between the 15th century and 18th century, although those buildings are no longer there. What you’ll see now within the castle walls was built by the British. There are also extensive tunnels underneath the castle walls.

Vidos Island

Vidos Island

A very short motor away from Gouvia Marina lies the the quiet Vidos Island, which has a sad and fasciniating past. It is known as the place where many Serbian soldiers were quarantined during World War I. In fact, Corfu served as a shelter for a large number of Serbian civilians and soldiers. The sick were quarantined on Vidos to prevent the spread of diseases, and those who died were buried at sea just off the island. You can learn a little more about its history by visiting the mausoleum on the island and the Serbian Museum in town.

Palace Of St Michael

Palace of St. Michael and St. George

Also called City Palace, the Palace of St. Michael and St. George is situated on one end of the Spianada Square and looks out into the square. It was the very first Greek Revival Neoclassical style building in Greece. Explore the vast, beautiful gardens overlooking the Old Venetian fortress, and check out the Museum of Asian Art inside.

St Spyridon Church

Saint Spyridon Church

Named after the patron saint of the town, the Venetian style Saint Spyridon Church was built in the 1580s. The saint was designated patron as he was credited with rescuing the island four times. His remains are now entombed in a crypt on the main level of the church.The church’s distinctive tower stands out high above the city’s Old Town.

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