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Sicily Yacht Charter

The Aeolian islands, just off Sicily, are a fascinating and beautiful destination for a week’s cruise. Known as the ‘seven pearls of the Mediterranean’, you will discover a world of active volcanoes, Roman ruins, beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters – perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

Here is sample seven day itinerary, the aim of which is to give you a flavour of what you can see and do, and can be adapted according to your preferences.

One of the joys of sailing in the Aeolian Islands is that each island is just a short sailing trip away, leaving you plenty of time each day to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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7 Days in the Aeolian Islands

  • Day 1 - Check in at Portorosa
  • Day 2 - Portorosa to Lipari - 22NM
  • Day 3 - Lipari to Panarea - 10NM
  • Day 4 - Panarea to Stromboli - 12NM
  • Day 5 - Stromboli to Salina - 21NM
  • Day 6 – Salina to Filicudi - 14NM
  • Day 7 – Filicudi to Portorosa via Vulcano - 37NM
  • Total = 116NM

7 Day Itinerary - Sicily

Lipari Italy Sicily Sailing Holidays | Helm

Day 1


Fly to Palermo and make your way to Portorosa (a two-hour drive)

This is a modern and well-equipped marina, where you will collect your yacht and pick up supplies for the week ahead.

Traveller’s tip:

  • You will arrive in Portorosa after a day of travelling, so why not take it easy tonight and dine out in one of the restaurants overlooking the harbour
  • Don’t forget to try a glass of Malvasia, the sweet local wine which is served with biscotti too!
Lipari Aeolian Islands Charter | Helm

Day 2


Set off from Portorosa and sail the short distance to Lipari, the largest of the Aeolian Islands. Take the afternoon to settle in and explore the town of Lipari and nearby beaches.

Things to do:

  • Stay in Lipari and take a stroll past elegant historic houses with balconies bedecked with flowers to the citadel, the old town. Pop by the archeological museum which contains finds dating back from Ancient Greece from all over the Aeolian islands.
  • Head out and anchor at nearby ‘Spiaggia Bianca’, a glorious white beach made from pumice and enjoy a relaxing swim in the turquoise waters here.

Day 3


Spend a leisurely day sailing towards the port on the island of Panarea, stopping to anchor and swim at a number of superb coves. A popular getaway destination, this chic island attracts Italy’s rich and famous, creating an atmosphere of charmed exclusivity mixed with island simplicity.

Places of interest:

  • There are numerous picturesque spots around the island to stop at for lunch and a swim. Highly recommended are Cala Junco, Lisca Bianca, Dattilo and Basiluzzo.
  • In the evening, once you’ve moored up, take a stroll through the narrow alleys of Panarea followed by an ‘aperitivo’ and dinner on the terrace of one of the many excellent restaurants by the harbour.

Day 4


Today you will be heading for the most dramatic island in this region. Rising dramatically from the sea, its famous volcano been active continuously for over 2,000 years!

Places of interest:

  • Ginostra is a tiny hamlet on the south-western shore which makes for a tranquil stopping point for lunch.
  • From your yacht, you will be in the ideal position to best view Stombolicchio, a volcanic sea stack and a remnant of the original volcano from which the island was built up.
  • Scari, a port on the northeastern side of the island.
  • Enjoy a walk through the alleys of Stromboli up to the San Vincenzo Church, from where you can admire views of the sea.

Traveller’s tip:

  • There are no streetlights in Stromboli, so if you are out in the evening, bring a torch!
Helm Aeolian Islands Salina Sailing Holidays | Helm

Day 5


The location of the 1995 film ‘Il Postino’, the highly successful movie about a gentle, local postman, Salina is a beautiful lush, green island which is worth taking the time to explore.

Things to do:

  • Take a hike inland to enjoy the magnificent views and the twin inactive volcanoes. Also check out the small town of Valdichiesa, where you will find the ‘Santuario della Madonna del Terzito, dating back to the 17th century.
  • Drop anchor and enjoy swimming and snorkelling in the crystal clear water around the island to discover the magnificent marine life here, as well as caves and even submerged volcanic craters.
  • Eat locally caught fish, often cooked with capers, anchovies and oil. Traditionally, the island’s capers were preserved in salt gathered from a small salt lake situated south of the town of Santa Marina.
  • Watch the sun set from Pollara.
Helm Filicudi Aeolian Sail | Helm

Day 6


Filicudi is one of the most remote islands in the region; full of charm, simplicity and natural beauty.

Things to do:

  • Drop anchor in Punta Perciato from where you can enjoy the view of the incredible Grotto del Bue Marino. This is the largest of the Aeolian caves (20 metres high and 30 metres deep) and the interior is decorated with an impressive array of stalactites and stalagmites.
  • Moor up for the night in the port and enjoy a relaxing evening strolling around the town, stopping at one of the many appetising restaurants.
Helm Vulcano Aeolian Italy Charter Holidays | Helm

Day 7

Portorosa via Vulcano

The 7 day yacht charter wraps up with a stop-off at the island of Vulano, known for its famous mud baths.

You will then leave and return to Portorosa where you will spend your last night.

Things to do:

  • You cannot go home without trying a sulphurous mud bath which are claimed to hear rheumatic pain and skin diseases. A bit smelly, but fun!
  • For lunch, aim for the port of Gelso on the south of the island. Its beaches are famed for their tranquillity.

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