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What do I need to know for on-board living?

  • Can I play my music on board? All yachts have the facility to play your own music. Most modern yachts allow you to do this remotely through Bluetooth, but it's always worth bringing an AUX cable (headphone to headphone) to plug in your mp3 player/iPod/phone.
  • Is there a first aid kit? Yes, all yachts come with a fully stocked first aid kit.
  • Will the yacht have an electric supply? Yes, when you are plugged into the mains at a harbour, or if your yacht has a generator. Otherwise you will be able to use the yachts batteries, just like in a car - most yachts are equipped with USB ports for phone chargers, too.
  • How much room is there for luggage? Luggage space varies depending on the size of your yacht. Our top tips would be to pack light and bring soft-sided/foldable bags that can be stowed easily.
  • Will there be Wi-Fi? Most yachts have on board Wi-Fi available; ask your broker if your yacht has this option.
  • Can I pre-order provisions on board? Yes, we can supply you with a provisioning list, or if you have hired crew, a preference form so that your yacht can be stocked before your arrival.
  • Will I get seasick? As our destinations are all in protected waters, it is unlikely that you would get seasick. If you often suffer from motion sickness, it is advisable to see your pharmacist to get some sea sickness tablets that you can take at the start of the charter, until you get used to the motion of the boat. You will normally only do relatively short passages each day, then be in sheltered bays, or in marinas.

What’s a typical day like on-board a yacht charter?

  • A yacht charter is a unique kind of holiday, that gives you the flexibility to really experience a destination and see a completely different view to the majority of land based tourists.
  • A yacht charter is not all about the sailing and often you will only actually sail for 1-3 hours a day, perhaps broken up by a special and secluded lunchtime swimming spot. A typical day will include lots of swimming, sunbathing, and exploring unique destinations.
  • To see what a typical week on-board can look like please browse one of our case study pages, like the MotorYacht experience.

What Should I take on my yacht charter?

  • Travel documents. As you will be traveling abroad please make sure you have the correct documents for the country you are visiting, a valid passport, and visa if required. If you are not sure please ask your broker.
  • Soft-sided luggage. Much more practical on-board to stow then hard cases.
  • Shoes - boat, street, and water. On-board you will need to wear bare feet, or soft, white soled clean shoes that aren’t going to mark the boats teak or decks. You should bring a different pair of shoes for exploring the towns, and going out in the evening in. A pair or water shoes (reef shoes) are also a good idea for exploring in the water or round the rocks.
  • Swimwear. This is the most important item of clothing; you will find you end up living in it!
  • Fins, mask and snorkel. This is often supplied so check with your broker, but if your planning to spend a lot of time in the water it is generally more comfortable to take you own gear.
  • Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. Polarised sunglasses are by far the best on the water, please make sure you don’t have oil-based sunscreen as this can stain the teak and sun cushions, you should use at least 30+ as people tend to burn more on the water.
  • Sweater or fleece. Particularly if you’re going early or late in the season, the nights can get cool.
  • Beach towels. These will often be supplied so please check with your broker.
  • Book. There’s nothing quite like relaxing in the sun with a good book.
  • Electronics. All of your music can be played through the yacht’s stereo You should take a USB charger for your essential appliances, too.
  • Waterproofs. Even in summer, a windy afternoon can be cool, a waterproof jacket can make a passage much more enjoyable.
  • Medications. Please make sure you bring your prescription medications with you, foreign scripts are not honoured in Greek Pharmacies.
  • Ear Plugs. If you are a light sleeper a pair of earplugs can be a saviour, particularly in Greece and Turkey where you will spend a lot of nights on town quays.
  • In General. Most people going on yachting holidays pack a lot more than they require. You will find you spend most time on board just in your swimwear and a t-shirt, so a few changes along with some shore gear are all that you require.

Anything else I should know?

  • Tipping is customary, but discretionary. We recommend anything between 5-15% of the total charter fee. But only give what you feel comfortable with!
  • Don't be afraid to ask! Your crew are there to make your week as comfortable as possible, so make sure you ask if you need anything.
  • Use of motorised watersports: Some countries and some yachts may require certification of competence to be able to use their motorised water toys.

And any other questions, please contact your broker.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday!

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