Pula Yacht Charter - Cruising the Istria and Kvarner Gulf


Pula Yacht Charter

Croatia is one of our most popular cruising destinations but often forgotten is its beautiful northern region. The Istria & Kvarner Gulf is a fantastic place to get away from the crowds further south. Known for its ancient and fortified medieval towns that

Begin your charter in Pula sand sail south through the Kvarner gulf and explore everything this wonderfull region has to offer before returning via the Brijuni national park. Set sail to explore the beautiful islands of Losing, SIlba, Dugi Otok, Permuda and more.

Lying at the northern point of the Adriatic, these islands, once the go-to spot for holidaying European aristocracy, offer unspoiled anchorages, islands filled with flowers woods and olive groves.

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  • Sunday – Pula to Lošinj
  • Monday - Lošinj to Silba
  • Tuesday - Silba to Dugi Otok
  • Wednesday – Dugi Otok to Premuda
  • Thursday – Premuda to Susak - 18nm Susak - Brijuni - 30nm
  • Friday - Brijuni to Pula
  • Saturday - Departure Day

Pula Yacht Itinerary

Malu Lošinj Yacht Charter | Helm

Day 1

Pula to Lošinj - 33nm

After arriving on Saturday evening, spending your first night on board and getting familiar with the yacht, depart the marina and head south towards the town of Lošinj, the island of Vitality. Break up the journey by stopping for a lunch time swim on Unije

Traveller’s tip:

  • Drop anchor and swim on one of the sheltered bays on the south side of the islands of Unije
  • Spend the evening exploring the town of Mali Lošinj or Veli Lošinj
Silba Tower Of Love Sailing Holidays | Helm

Day 2

Silba - 15nm

Sail further south to Silba where you can anchor on the south west side of the island. From here take a leisurely stroll into town through beautiful forrest trails.

Traveller’s tip:

  • Climb the 'Tower of love' in the main town, built to commemorate the love between a captain and his wife
  • Relax on the south beach,
Veli Rat Dufi Otok Yachting Holidays | Helm

Day 3

Dugi Otok - 15nm

A short sail to Dugi Otok, the 'long island' . Here, you can go into the marina at Veli Rat and stock up in the small shop or continue into the bay of Sakuran and anchor.

Traveller’s tip:

  • Swim at Sakarun beach
  • Sail a bit further down the island to view the impressive steep cliffs
Permuda Yacht Charter | Helm

Day 4

Premuda - 15nm

Time to turn around and start back north towards Permuda, a beautiful small island with a little marina at its entrance and about 50 locals.

Traveller’s tip:

  • Check out the chapel of San Ciriaco
  • Have dinner at a local restaurant
  • If you're an experienced diver, organise a trip to explore the cave system of Katedrala
Susak Yacht Charter | Helm

Day 5

Susak - 18nm Susak - Brijuni - 30nm

Continuing on your way north, you cruise to Susak, and drop anchor in a stunning sandy bay for an early lunch. Differing from the other islands in the area, the main vegetation is Oregano, some people say that you can even smell it from miles out to sea! Much is yet to be learnt about the history of the island, due to how far away it is from the mainland, there were no formal schools until 1955 so no one could read or write.

Traveller’s tip:

  • Walk out to the lighthouse on the hill and get 360 views of the island and it's surroundings.
Brijuni Sailing Holidays | Helm

Day 6

Brijuni - 30nm

After stopping for a break on Susak, you have longer sail towards Brijuni, a beautiful national park made up of 14 islands. These historic islands are home to plenty of villas and roman ruins.

Traveller’s tip:

  • Cycle or hike along the islands trails
  • See the ruins of roman buildings, St Peters Church and the Basilica of St Mary
Roman Ampitheatre Pula Sailing Holidays | Helm

Day 7

Pula - 4nm

Spend your last day relaxing around the Brijuni islands and take a leisurely evening sail back to the base for final check out. Explore the rich Roman history of Pula,

Traveller’s tip:

  • Visit the Roman Ampitheatre, teh Arc Of The Sergii and Temple of Augustus.
  • Take in some final night drinks at the local bars
Temple Of Augustus Yacht Charter Pula | Helm

Day 8

Departure Day

Sadly, the trip has come to an end, enjoy your last breakfast onboard the yacht and make sure you've not forgotten anything. Make the most of your last morning in Pula and explore the parts of the town you've missed previously

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