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Mykonos Yacht charter

Mykonos is an astonishing island, and an increasingly popular place to start and end a yacht charter holiday in the Cyclades. Set in the heart of this magical island group, starting and finishing in Mykonos cuts out long legs and means you can make comfortable trips down to Santorini, Paros and Naxos.

Now there are more yachts than ever available from Mykonos, and from nearby Paros, and regular flights direct from the UK, it's easy to see why more and more people are exploring this beautiful sailing area.

Below is an example 7-day itinerary, taking in some of the best bits of the local sailing area.

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7 Days in the Lower Cyclades

  • Day 1 - Arrive Mykonos
  • Day 2 - Mykonos to Naousa, Paros - 21nm
  • Day 3 - Paros to Ios - 34nm
  • Day 4 - Ios to Santorini - 28nm
  • Day 5 - Santorini to Folegandros - 27nm
  • Day 6 - Folegandros to Naxos - 35nm
  • Day 7 - Naxos to Mykonos - 23nm
  • Total = 171nm

Mykonos 7-day itinerary


Day 1

Arriving Mykonos

Glamorous Mykonos is famed for the classic sugar-cube houses and white sandy beaches that fringe its coast, as well as its vibrant nightlife. It's location within the Cyclades chain also makes it the perfect place to start a yacht charter in the region. Your first day

Things to See & Do

Head up a small hill above Little Venice to the iconic windmills of Kato Mili

Hire a scooter and whizz around exploring the island

Visit one of the cafes or bars lining the waterfront and enjoy a drink with a view

Day 2

Mykonos to Naoussa, Paros - 24nm

Your first day on the water takes you south from Mykonos to the town of Naoussa, on the north of Paros island. Naoussa is an adorable fishing town, in the traditional Greek style, with whitewashed buildings, blue doors and shutters and classic stone paving. The waterfront is packed with good restaurants and bars, offering fresh octopus and local dishes. Tight, bougainvillea-clad walkways weave a path behind the houses, and are as pretty as any in the region. A lovely place to start your holiday.

Things to See & Do

Venetian Fortress - the old port houses the ruins of a 15th century castle, built by Venetian settlers. Most of the castle fell away over the years, and all that remains are the lower reaches of a striking watchtower.

Visit the blue-domed Byzantine Museum and see some of the distinctive artwork on display.

Built in 1910 and housed in a winery, the Moraitis Wine Museum is well worth a trip, and the wine is excellent.

Day 3

Naoussa, Paros to Ios - 34nm

A long morning sailing south from Paros leads to the island of Ios. On approach, Ios is about as Greek as Greece can be - the island's coast is lined with mountains and olive trees, punctuated by chapels and churches with vivid blue domes. There are an abundance of gorgeous beaches dotted around Ios - it's well worth anchoring off Mylopotas beach for a quick dip before going into the town to moor up.

Ios is also something of a party island, with the town of Chora on the hill famous for its nightlife. Fortunately, it is about a 15-minute walk from the town quay to the busiest bars, so the actual waterfront is quite peaceful.

Day 4

Ios to Santorini - 28nm

Instagram's favourite Aegean island, famous for its windmills and sunsets, Santorini is simply stunning, but somewhere to avoid during peak season. One of the world's largest volcanic eruptions happened here, which accounts for the island's beauty and unique geography. The large bay is actually an underwater caldera, formed by the explosion. Enter from the north east, and sail past the dramatic coast en route to the bottom of the island.

The best place to moor overnight is the small marina of Vlichada, on the southernmost tip of the island.

Day 5

Santorini to Folegandros - 27nm

One of the smallest islands in the chain and largely untouched, rugged Folegandros is full of character and a nice place to spend a quiet evening. From the quay at Karavostasi, it's an hour's walk up to the main town of Chora, packed with classic Cycladic houses and charm. The views over the steep cliffs on the northern edge of town are quite something, and the impressive Church of Our Lady at the end of a zig-zag uphill path is very special.

Day 6

Folegandros to Naxos - 35nm

The largest of the Cyclades islands, Naxos is also among the prettiest. Several lovely little coves, anchorages and beaches punctuate the coastline, while the ruined temple of Apollo dominates the approach to the harbour. This elegant waterfront makes a great final night stop. The influences of centuries of conquest weave through the architecture, and as the Cyclades' greenest island, Naxos has a relatively lush landscape. Spend the afternoon exploring the town, wander across the causeway to the ruins, or walk up to the Venetian castle and savour the views.

Things to See & Do

The Portara - otherwise known as the Great Door, this vast marble arch was the doorway to a unfinished giant temple that once dominated the skyline. Do not miss watching the sunset through the Portara!

Helm Mykonos

Day 7

Naxos to Mykonos - 23nm

The final day of your charter has arrived. Today is a chance to get one last sail in, stretching across the open Cyclades back north to Mykonos.

Visit the ruins at Dilos, or anchor off the nearby island of Rineia for one last lunchtime swim before sailing back to base and exploring the sights and sounds once ashore.

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