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Lefkas Yacht Charter

This is a sample 7-day itinerary for a Lefkas yacht charter exploring the Ionian Sea.

The beauty of a private charter is that it is completely flexible and can be tailored to your preferences. As such, please consider this just one example of what can be explored on an Ionian sailing holiday.

The Ionian is an amazing cruising destination, with consistently good weather and gentle seas making it an ideal destination for families and first sailing holidays.

There is a great range of bareboat, skippered and crewed yachts available in Lefkas. To find your ideal Lefkas yacht charter click below.

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7 Days Sailing the Ionian

  • Day 1 Lefkas - Skorpios - Sivota - 15NM
  • Day 2 Sivota - Dafnoudi - Fiskardo - 13NM
  • Day 3 Fiskardo - Agia Effimia - 19NM
  • Day 4 Agia Effimia - Ithaka (Vathi) - 20NM
  • Day 5 Vathi - Atokos - Kioni - 15NM
  • Day 6 Kioni - Atherinos bay, Meganisi - 15NM
  • Day 7 Meganisi - Lefkas - 10NM
  • Total = 107NM

7 Day Itinerary - Lefkas

Day 1


Lefkada (or Lefkas) has a spectacular coastline boasting white sand beaches, sheltered coves and towering cliffs. The ideal starting point for an Ionian yacht charter with a large marina, and a great range of yachts! While waiting for the yacht to be ready you can explore the imposing ruins of the mediaeval Santa Maura Fortress, indulge in some of the watersports the island is famous for or simply relax on the quiet beaches.

Must See

  • The lagoon: One of the Ionian Sea’s most significant wetlands, home to magnificent swans, wild ducks, wild geese, and Eurasian coots. It is protected by the Ramsar Convention as a wetland of international importance.
  • Agia Mavra fort: At the town’s entrance, constructed by a Sicilian named Giovanni Orsini in 1300
  • The central square with many restaurants and cafés where Agios Spyridonas church is located
    (late 17th c.) with an interesting iconostasis and icons.
  • The age long Elaionas (Olive Grove), lying west, on the town outskirts.
  • The windmills at Gyra.
  • Fryni (2 km SW), a small village on a slope with a fantastic view

Day 1


Skorpios is an irregularly shaped island that is covered in thick forest that has over 200 varieties of trees that were all imported to this once barren island. The island is a private island so you can not explore on the island, but it has a number of nice anchorages and beaches which you can enjoy which makes it an ideal lunch spot.

Sivota Lefkada

Day 1


Sivota is a large natural bay on the southeastern tip of Lefkada and is known for being well protected and stunningly beautiful as it is surrounded by green hills with olive groves.

Sivota has a town quay which comes alive in the afternoon/ evening as yachts pull up to enjoy the seaside fish taverns that have a great variety of locally caught seafood.

Day 2


Darnoudi is a beautiful secluded beach at the bottom of a steep natural valley. There is even a small and very cool cave at the waters edge that one can sit in when it's too warm.

Day 2


Located on the northern tip of Kefalonia Fiskardo is in a national park protected by the Greek government. Around Fiscardo, dense forests reach down to small coves where pebble beaches meet the crystal clear water.

Uniquely in Kefalonia, Fiscardo retains the architecture and ambience of a bygone era – a time when the Venetians ruled Kefalonia. The picturesque harbour is surrounded by Venetian-style houses painted in pastel colours, in summer the harbour is filled with vessels from small sailing boats to large yachts all nestled together a few feet from pavement restaurants and cafes specialising in traditional Greek cuisine.

Must See

  • The Roman cemetery and ancient baths where a recess carved into the
    rock is called “Queen Fiskarda’s Throne” by the locals.
  • Tzanata, Markantonata and Tzamarelata mountain villages overlooking
  • The 6th c. early christian church near Fiskardo’s lighthouse. There are
    ruins of the older 16th c. Venetian lighthouse next to the new one.

Day 3

Agia Effimia

Agia Effimia is a seaside village with a beautiful beach on the eastern coast of Kefalonia. A traditional fishing village, it is now a popular tourist town during the summer months.

Agia Effimia is perfectly situated to explore a number of beautiful beaches.

Must See

  • Thematon Monastery (17th c), dedicated to Panagia (the Virgin Mary) and built on the top of a wooded slope of Mount Agia Dynati
  • The traditional villages Makryotika (4.5 km W); Neochori (10 km N) and Komitata (12 km N); you will find interesting elements of traditional architecture.
  • Myrtos beach (9.5 km NW), among the top Mediterranean sandy beaches, where the white expanse of sand is sheltered by towering cliffs.

Day 4


Sheltered Ithaki is situated between Kefalonia and mainland Greece.

The island is celebrated as the mythical home of

Homer’s Odysseus, where loyal wife Penelope

waited patiently, besieged by unsavory suitors,

for Odysseus’ much delayed homecoming.

This tranquil island is made up of two large bodies of land joined by a narrow isthmus. Sheer cliffs, precipitous, arid mountains and occasional olive groves. Diminutive villages (much rebuilt after the 1953 earthquake) and hidden coves with pebbly beaches add to the charm, while monasteries and churches offer Byzantine delights and splendid views.

Atokos island

Day 5


Atokos is a stunning untouched island lying among the Echinades Islands. The island has tranquil turquoise waters met by white rock formations. Atokos is a private island owned by a Greek shipping milionaire, but the anchorage makes for a fantastic lunch stop and swimming spot.

Kioni Harbour

Day 5


Kioni is Ithaca’s truly cosmopolitan spot, a small port where you will also see the remnants of three windmills. It is a traditional village as well as a busy one. North of Kioni, you will find Mavronas, a pebble beach, and to the south you can reach - by boat only - the secluded beaches of Kritami, Chalkia and Liano.

Atherinosbay Meganissi

Day 6


There are three traditional villages, each with a picturesque harbour: Atherinos is the harbour in Katomeri village (the municipal seat); Vathy harbour bears the same name as the village and Spilia is the harbour in Spartochori village. On this island you will find some amazing beaches such as Ampelaki, Balos, Platigyali, Svourna, Kolopoulou, Dichali, Limonari, Elia and Limni. Most of the picturesque bays, mainly the northern ones, provide safe anchorage.

Must see

  • Agios Konstantinos church in Katomeri and Agios Ioannis church 3 km SW of Spartochori.
  • Giovani’s Cave and Papanikolis Cave, both in the SW part of the island (accessible only by sea).

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