Dubrovnik Sailing Holiday


Dubrovnik Yacht Charter - 7 Days Sailing the South Dalmatia Islands

From the delights of Korcula to the peace of Mljet, this 7 day sample itinerary includes some of the best spots on a Dubrovnik sailing holiday. Of course the beauty of a private charter is the week can be completely flexible, and tailored to your preferences. As such, this is just a small sample of what is possible when sailing the southern Dalmatia Islands.

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7 Days South Dalmatia Islands

  • Day 1 Arrive Dubrovnik
  • Day 2 Dubrovnik - Mljet (Polace) - 31nm
  • Day 3 Polace - Korcula - 15nm
  • Day 4 Korcula - Vela Luka - 29nm
  • Day 5 Vela Luka - Lastovo - 17nm
  • Day 6 Lastovo - Mljet (Saplunara) - 38nm
  • Day 7 Saplunara - Dubrovnik - 18nm
  • Total - 148nm

Dubrovnik Sailing Holiday

Day 1

Arriving Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is an enchanting medieval city with distinctive architecture, a fascinating history and numerous cafes, shops and restaurants, all overlooking the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. This and its proximity to an international airport, make Dubrovnik the ideal place from which to start a yacht charter.

Ancient walls harbour Venetian architecture, baroque churches and marbled streets. You may recognise some parts of the city from the popular tv show “Game of Thrones” which used Dubrovnik as the setting for much of the series.

Day 2

Mljet - Polace

According to the legend, Odysseus was so taken with the breath-taking beauty of the Mljet National Park that the wandering hero remained for seven years.

With verdant pine forests, warm saltwater lakes and a wealth of aquatic life, Mljet is one of Croatia’s most beautiful islands.

Polace is an excellent natural harbour on the northern coast of Mljet known for its waterfront ancient ruins. A 5th Century Roman palace dominates the village, hence the name “Polace”.

The village hosts a number of pretty quayside restaurants perfect for taking in the surrounding islands and is a 40 minute walk from the famous lakes.

  • Hire bikes or take a hike up the hills for the most spectacular views of the salt lakes
  • The Roman ruins in the village are a fascinating insight into the history of the area
  • Take a boat ride to the Benedictine monastery on a tiny island in the middle of the larger lake (Veliko Jezero) and swim in the warm emerald waters of the smaller lake (Malo Jezero).

Day 3


One of the most famous towns in the Adriatic, Korcula is the believed birth place of the legendary explorer Marco Polo – well, at least that’s what any Croatian will tell you!

The glorious old town houses marbled streets and Renaissance architecture within its imposing medieval walls. Meander through twisting streets to the beautiful church in the centre where there are many restaurants serving top quality local cuisines.

There is also sizeable marina with good facilities.

Things to See & Do

  • Walk around the town to see the beautiful architecture
  • Take the Marco Polo tour – see where he used to live
  • Climb up to the top of the tower for a spectacular view across the bay

Day 4

Vela Luka

The second largest town in the Dalmatia islands, Vela Luka has a vibrant town quay situated well indented into the Western Coastline of Korcula Island.

There are many coves and bays suitable for anchoring, as well as a good selection of mooring buoys.

The town although large, still has plenty of character and charm and has an excellent selection of restaurants and shops close to the waterfront. There are also good facilities for water, electrics and showers.

Things to See & Do

  • Visit Proizda – a small island at the entrance of Vela Luka bay, the beach is one of the prettiest in the Adriatic!
  • Grab some of Korcula’s famous olive oil from one of the markets on the town quay
  • Just 100m North East from the main town you can find the “Vela Spilja” (Great cave), dating back to the Neolithic period, where a great quantity of valuable artefacts have been found confirming the town’s prehistoric importance to Croatia and the Eastern Adriatic.

Day 5


Lastovo island is another national park and one of the prettiest islands on the Dalmatia coast, covered in verdant vegetation and host to a number of natural bays and harbours.

A peaceful anchorage on the North West coast of the island (Pasadur) – is a stunning place to settle for the evening.

There are a few residential houses located in the bay, but no shops or facilities other than a small hotel who will take you in for dinner if you ask nicely!

Things to See & Do

  • Take a swim in the beautifully clear waters
  • Walk around the natural bay South towards Uble town, about 2km to the town, so only go all the way if feeling adventurous
  • •Gaze at the beautiful starry skies

Day 6

Mljet (Saplunara)

Saplunara could be one of the last hidden gems in the Adriatic. With a sandy white beach and a relatively isolated and untouched cove, this makes a truly wonderful anchorage.

The name Saplunara comes from the Latin word sabalum, meaning tiny sand, owing to the beautiful kilometre-long sandy beach which is a real rarity in Croatia’s generally rocky islands.

Legend has it that St Paul the Apostle named this beautiful place when he was shipwrecked here on the way to Rome in 61 A.D.

The bay hosts several plant species that exist no where else in Croatia and is considered a protected area.

Things to See & Do

  • Take a peaceful walk along the sandy beach and enjoy the natural beauty of the isalnd.
  • Try and spot some of the native plants only found in this bay!

Day 7

Mljet (Saplunara) to Dubrovnik

Back again to the stunning town of Dubrovnik; one of Croatia’s most visited and famous towns and a likely highlight of your week.

In the 15th Century, Dubrovnik rivalled the power and wealth of Venice, thus attracting the world’s finest architects, artists and sculptors.

Consequently Dubrovnik’s impressive medieval walls harbour a magnificent hodgepodge of Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque churches, palaces and monasteries, beautifully complemented by Renaissance fountains and facades all laid upon gleaming marble streets.

This is a truly magical place and perfect to soak up your last bit of Croatia.

Things to See & Do

  • Walk on the famous walls and get a great view over the city
  • Explore a wealth of art galleries showing contemporary and classical works
  • Enjoy the many traditional restaurants and vibrant night life

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