Corsica and Sardinia Yachting Holidays


During the first part of your holidays enjoy the astounding geographical diversity of Corsica, from the fabulous beaches to mountain ridges, verdant valleys and dense forests. Corsica offers a large variety of activities, from hiking and canyoning to snorkelling and sunbathing.

Then head south toward the out-of-this-world beaches and endearing eccentricities of Sardinia. Sardinia has some of the world's dreamiest sand and bluest waters.

Corsica and Sardinia Yachting Holidays

  • Day 1 : Porto Vecchio, Corsica
  • Day 2: Bonifacio, Corsica - 20nm
  • Day 3: Cavallo Island, Corsica - 6nm
  • Day 4: La Maddalena, Sardinia - 10nm
  • Day 5: Cala di Volpe, Sardinia - 10nm
  • Day 6: Tavolara, Sardinia - 15nm
  • Day 7: Porto Cervo, Sardinia - 15nm
  • Total = 76nm

7 Day Itinerary

Porto Vecchio Corsica | Helm

Day 1

Porto Vecchio, Corsica

Shamelessly seductive, fashionably alluring, Porto Vecchio has been dubbed the Corsican St-Tropez.

It’s split between the ancient core, aloof on a hilltop, the modern marina in the marvellous bay below, and enough urban sprawl across the inland plain to mean it's now Corsica’s third most populous town.

Bonifacio Corsica Yachting Holidays | Helm

Day 2

Bonifacio, Corsica

Perched impressively high, overlooking the waters, the town of Bonifacio offers a spectacular arrival by yacht; a narrow entrance hidden at the foot of the cliffs leads into the harbour.

The town has many restaurants, bars and nearby Sperone Golf Club. On its limestone pedestal, Bonifacio is one of the most spectacular towns in the Mediterranean.

Cavallo Island Yacht Charter | Helm

Day 3

Cavallo Island, Corsica

Paradise! If you love to splash in tranquil lapis-lazuli waters, this protected clutch of uninhabited islets was made for you.

Enjoy a lunch at the superb Hotel des Pecheurs.

La Maddalena Sardinia Yacht Charter | Helm

Day 4

La Maddalena, Sardinia

Hop across to Sardinia to indulge in the lush beauty of La Maddalena. The seven principal islands are the high points of a valley, now underwater, that once joined Sardinia and Corsica.

One of Sardinia’s most ravishing beauty spots, the Arcipelago di La Maddalena provides some spectacular, windswept seascapes.

Cala di Volpe Sardinia Yacht Charter | Helm

Day 5

Cala di Volpe, Sardinia

The "Bay of the Fox" is a deep bay, well protected and surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches. It is actually a satellite of Porto Cervo to its immediate north.

Its crowning feature is the spectacular five star Hotel Cala di Volpe at the end of the bay, overlooked by the Pevero Golf Course.

The Cala di Volpe resort is arguably the grandest in all of Sardinia and the beach lies in a sheltered bay.

Tavolara Sardinia Yacht Charter | Helm

Day 6

Tavolara, Sardinia

Cruise through Cala Figari, Oliba Gulf and between the Islands Tavolara and Molara.

In the 19th century and 20th century Tavolara used to be the smallest Kingdom in the world, which considering the Island is only 5km long and 1km wide is pretty astounding.

When you arrive at Tavolara you can anchor in Spalmatore Bay, a great little place to see and spend a night in tranquil surroundings and enjoy the beauty of the sea world.

Saling Holidays Porto Cervo Sardinia | Helm

Day 7

Porto Cervo, Sardinia

Porto Cervo is a curious, artificial vision of Mediterranean beauty.

A wonderful place to end your charter, the utopian village combines Greek, North African, Spanish and Italian architectural elements.

Build your ideal Sardinian escape here

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