Sailing From St Vincent To Grenada


10 Days Exploring St Vincent And Grenada

A chain of beautiful and unspoilt islands in the South Caribbean, St Vincent & The Grenadines offer pure escapism and makes the perfect setting for a yacht charter.

This cross wind sail will take you through some of the Caribbean's most beautiful beaches and unspoilt islands. Famous for its consistent winds, the area is a heaven for Kiteboard enthusiasts.

Our trip starts in Blue Lagoon Marina on the Island of St Vincent. Previously accessed via flights from Grenada and Barbados, you can now also fly direct from New York. Pick up your yacht and enjoy the warm waters as you sail south through some of the bluest waters you could hope to experience. To find your idea yacht, click here.

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10 Days From St Vincent To Grenada

  • Day 1 - St Vincent to Bequia - 9nm
  • Day 2 - Bequia to Mustique - 13nm
  • Day 3 - Mustique to Tobago Cays - 21nm
  • Day 4 - Tobago Cays - 0nm
  • Day 5 - Tobago Cays to Salt Whistle Bay - 3nm
  • Day 6 - Salt Whistle Bay to Chatham Bay - 5nm
  • Day 7 - Chatham Bay to Petit St Vincent - 8nm
  • Day 8 - Petit St Vincent to Carriacou - 14nm
  • Day 9 - Carriacou to St Georges - 32nm
  • Day 10 - St Georges- 0nm
  • Total = 105nm

Passengers Log Book

Bequia Caribbean Yacht Charter | Helm

Day 1

St Vincent to Bequia

After you've gotten acquainted with your Caribbean yacht of choice, set your sights south and sail to the colourful island of Bequia. Experience the warm and laid back welcome from the locals.

Traveller’s tip:

  • There's some great snorkelling and diving around the island. Why not contact one of the local dive schools
Musique BVI Sailing Holidays | Helm

Day 2

Bequia to Mustique

A relaxed sail south to Mustique, here you can pick up a mooring and go to the world famous Basil bar. If you time it right, you can enjoy the Mystique Blues Festival

Traveller’s tip:

  • Stop off and explore Petit Nevis and see the ruins of the old whaling station
Tobago Cays Grenada Caribbean Charter Holidays | Helm

Day 3

Mustique to Tobago Cays

Onwards to the Tobago Cays, arguably one of the most beautiful anchorages in the world. Here you can either anchor or pick up a mooring inside the horseshoe reef. With no restaurants or bars, it's the perfect spot for a BBQ on board

Traveller’s tip:

  • Get the freshest seafood delivered to your boat on anchor
Grenadines Tobago Cays Yacht Charter | Helm

Day 4

Tobago Cays

So beautiful, it deserves a second day. Dive in and explore the reefs and see the sea life. Dig your toes in into the warm sand and watch the local Iguana's and Tortoises about their day.

Traveller’s tip:

  • Off Bradel Island is an area cordoned off for turtles to feed.
Explore the Grenadines Sailing and Yachting Holidays | Helm

Day 5

Tobago Cays to Salt Whistle Bay

A short sail to Mayreau, dripping anchor in the idyllic Salt Whistle bay. Go ashore and take the short hike to the top of the hill to see the view from the quaint Church.

Traveller’s tip:

  • Dine at one of the great local restaurants
Chatham Bay Union Island Sailing Holidays | Helm

Day 6

Salt Whistle Bay to Chatham Bay

An hours sail downwind to Chatham bay on Union Island. This large anchorage has a long beach with excellent snorkelling to the north and lovely walks ashore.

Traveller’s tip:

  • Grab a drink and lounge in the pool at the small resort.
  • Enjoy a BBQ on the beach
Petit St Vincent Sailing Holidays | Helm

Day 7

Chatham Bay to Petit St Vincent

Clear out of the Grenadines at Clifton Harbour and sail on to Petit St Vincent. Anchor off the resort and enjoy a wonderful meal ashore. You can also anchor off Petit Martinique and have excellent local food

Traveller’s tip:

  • Top up with fuel and water on Petit Martinique
Carriacou Grenadines Charter Holidays | Helm

Day 8

Petit St Vincent to Carriacou

Off to Carriacou to clear into Grenada. Once done, anchor off sandy island, a stunning spot known for its coral reefs and clear and shallow waters. Make your way back to the island and anchor in Tyrell bay. head ashore and enjoy the local restaurants and bars.

Traveller’s tip:

  • Anchor off Hillsborugh to clear into Grenada
Grenada Sculpture Caribbean | Helm

Day 9

Day 9 - Carriacou to St George's

A great final long sail down the west coast of Grenada to bring you to St George's. Anchor off ross point or take a berth in Port Lous Marina. Make your way to shore and dine at one of the many restaurants to be had and have drinks at a local bar. If you haven't got the snorkelling out of your system, you can snorkel the beautiful underwater sculpture park.

Traveller’s tip:

  • Eat at BB's Crabback near Fort George for taste of the local flavour
  • Snorkel at the underwater sculpture park
Ste Georges Sailing Holidays Caribbean | Helm

Day 10

Day 10 - St George's

The Island of Grenada itself is full to the brim of great things to do. Absolutely stunning and covered in lush vegetation. Make your way inland to hike the seven sisters waterfall. Take a tour of one of the many rum distilleries or take a hike to the islands highest point, Mt St.Catherine.

Traveller’s tip:

  • Try the national dish 'oildown'
  • Have a drink at the marina bar
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