Kefalonia Yacht Charter Itinerary


Kefalonia yacht charter

The southern Ionian is a magical place for a yacht charter holiday, blessed with abundant greenery, with crystal waters and stunning bays around every corner.

Kefalonia's indescribable beauty makes it the ideal place to start a charter that takes in Zakynthos, Kastos, Ithaca and more.

This 7-day itinerary is a sample of some of the islands you can explore during a week in the region. it can of course be tailored to suit your requirements.

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7 days from Kefalonia

  • Day 1 - Arrive Kefalonia
  • Day 2 - Kefalonia to Ag. Nikolaos, Zakynthos - 28.5nm
  • Day 3 - Ag. Nikolaos to Vathi, Ithaca - 34.5nm
  • Day 4 - Vathi to Kastos - 17nm
  • Day 5 - Kastos to Frikes, Ithaca - 14nm
  • Day 6 - Frikes to Fiskardo - 9nm
  • Day 7 - Fiskardo to Sami, Kefalonia - 14nm
  • Total - 117nm

Explore the Southern Ionian

Day 1 - Saturday

Sami, Kefalonia

A 45-minute transfer from the airport will bring you to the base in Sami.

Your first day is a chance to get used to the boat and get settled on board, as well as stocking up on food and drink provisions for the week ahead.

If you're on a skippered or crewed charter, you can get to know your crew and discuss the planned itinerary with the captain.

There are several good restaurants lining the waterfont, and so Sami makes for a nice first evening of your holiday.

Day 2 - Sunday

Agios Nikolaos, Zakynthos

Set off from Kefalonia and head south for the hedonistic Zakynthos, best known as a bustling tourist destination and party town, but also home to some gorgeous coves and bays. The Blue Caves at the tip of the island make an ideal swim stop in calm weather.

Sail around to the remote west coast of Zakynthos and take in the astonishing Navagio bay, where dramatic cliffs entice you in towards a gorgeous beach complete with an eerie beached and rusting wreck. An absolute must-see!

Navagio Bay is open NW and not suitable for overnight anchoring, so you'll need to head back east and anchor in the lovely inlet of Ag. Nikolaos, otherwise known as Skinari.

The quay and mole offer excellent berths, and there are good restaurant ashore, particularly Mandrakia.

Day 3 - Monday

Vathi, Ithaca

Today is an exhilarating sail back north to the charming Vathi, a well sheltered and attractive port town on the east coast of Ithaca.

Be aware on entering the valley approach to Vathi, as a strong katabatic wind can sometimes blow down from the hills above until you reach the sheltered bay.

Once in the bay, you'll find the tiny island of Lazaretto, which was once used as a quarantine spot during Venetian rule, and houses the minute chapel of the Transfiguration of the Savior.

Pretty pastel-hued buildings line the harbour, and there are some nice restaurants and bars here. Kantouni taverna on the SW of the harbour has oodles of Greek charm, and a great view, while Rozes bar is a nice place for an evening ouzo.

Day 4 - Tuesday


Head east across to Atokos Bay, known as One House Bay - an idyllic lunch anchorage, tucked in under cliffs with the bluest water around.

Kastos and neighbouring Kalamos have a more Aegean feel than most Ionian islands, being quieter and a bit more rugged.

Mylos Cocktail Bar is a great bar in a renovated windmill. The perfect spot to enjoy sundowners with a view before descending to the town for dinner.

Day 5 - Wednesday

Frikes, Ithaca

Frikes is a slice of peaceful quiet; a small fishing town tucked into the top corner of a large valley in the NE of Ithaca.

Much less busy than the universally-adored Kioni, Frikes is nonetheless a lovely place to spend an evening, either at anchor in the wide bay or alongside the breakwater.

Walk along the dusty tracks to explore the island's sprawling olive groves, and look out to the two hilltop windmills, lit up each night. There are several good tavernas here.

During the summer, an open air nightclub operates, so you can dance the night away under the stars - quite a special experience.

Day 6 - Thursday

Fiskardo, Kefalonia

it's only a short 9nm trip today to the bustling Fiskardo.

Stop off in one of the cypress-lined coves just south of Fiskardo for a swim in lovely surroundings. Foki Bay is our favourite.

Justifiably famous, Fiskardo really has to be seen to be believed.

Bougainvillea overhang the twisting streets between colourful Venetian buildings in this incredibly beautiful town.

Shops, bars and restaurants line the waterfront, but you'll need to arrive early to bag a prime spot on the quay.

Alternatively, drop anchor across the bay and take your dinghy across to the explore the many delights of the town.

Once here, spend some time wandering through the streets, and check out the ancient Roman cemetery.

Sami port kefalonia

Day 7- Friday

Sami, Kefalonia

Time to return to base at the end of a wonderful week exploring the best of the southern Ionian.

Stop off at Anti Samos for one final swim in a sheltered bay to the south of Sami.

Once back in the port, put your walking shoes on and climb up to the Acropolis of Sami - you'll be rewarded with spectacular views well worth the hike.

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